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I'll play. Incidentally, didja notice that an early resident of Centralia was named Faust?

Also, I can't read about the Indigo Children without thinking about the substantially less pleasant story about the blue people of Appalachia.

Anyhoo, I'll see you and raise you...

Spiegelman Monster

Oh, and how could I forget? The guy who became so important to the second chapter in WordSlave, Henry Darger.



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That's like 5 years worth of gaming, right there! Awesome.
Yeah, I love that one. Sounds like the record of a really great campaign, doesn't it?

  • A "porthole in time" was created which allowed researchers to travel anywhere in time or space. This was developed into a stable "Time Tunnel."
  • Contact was made with alien extraterrestrials through the Time Tunnel and technology was exchanged with them which enhanced the project. This allowed broader access to "hyperspace".
  • An alien monster traveled through the time tunnel, destroyed equipment and devoured researchers. The tunnel was shut down and the creature destroyed.
  • Cameron used the mind enhancing system at Camp Hero to manifest a "Bigfoot" or "Yeti" which destroyed large parts of the facility.
  • Metahumans and experiments in special serums to create such individuals were tested there.
  • The military personnel in charge were in fact cultists who built a 50-foot ziggurat or step pyramid out of titanium for some esoteric reason.
  • Bioengineering projects undertaken there eventually created the Jersey Devil.
  • Nikola Tesla, whose death was faked in a conspiracy, was the chief director of operations at the base.
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