(Official) Game of Thrones S8x2 "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”


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Is there any reason why the Night King would care about the Iron Throne? Or King's Landing - other than a source of new dead people. There's a lot of potential dead people to recruit into his army between Winterfell and King's Landing.
The books are more explicit in detailing how the countryside has been devastated by the many wars (one factor leading to the formation of the Brotherhood without Banners), so with all the refugees coming in King's Landing has the biggest concentration of population in the south. And establishing a power base in the south allows the night King to attack any remainder in between on two fronts, making short business of the entire affair.

... all of this presuming there's no mystical relevance to it that we don't know about yet. (Or the possibility of raising more dragons, if that works out.) And this is the main issue: We know nothing about the Night King's ambitions and personality – either there's something we don't know, or it's just "bring eternal night for the lolz" as Bran has stated, in which case there's no rationale to be had anyway.


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My crazy bet on the dead pool:
I think Daeny dies.

A) If Daeny has dragons, the attack of Kings Landing will be more expensive to film and less dramatic, since dragons are such a trump card.

B) There is not time to develop a narratively satisfying untangle of both Jon 'Aegon Targaryen' Snow as well as The North refusing to kneel and Daeny refusing to let them not.

C) In the show, there's not any further prophecies that she has to fulfill (that I can think of, anyways).

Basically, I think she and Drogon are going to die bringing down undead Viserion, and Rhaegon will be brought down by ice spears- but Jon improbably survives the crash landing.

Her death will be the 'all is lost' holy fuck moment in the battle.
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