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[offline] Dover/Durham/Portsmouth NH - looking for a new group or looking for players

Cargo Culture

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Hi there. Cargo Culture here. You may remember me from such campaigns as "Glomdrot, Grick Astley and You" and "Jedi - Threat or Menace?"

I've just moved to idyllic New Hampshire and find myself bereft of a group. I'll play almost anything if I fit with the right folks. And if you're reading this and are looking for a group too, let's make our own group!

Me: I've been playing for 30+ years, and like to stay current on latest gaming trends. I'm not an old-school grognard. I like a lot of story games, as well as some big favorites like D&D. I prefer to GM games as it's what I mostly do but I'm also happy to join as a player. Gaming is my social thing, so I like to spend some time doing it. There's a good chance I've played, run, read, or owned your favorite game.

You: a group that loves gaming, is diverse, and meets regularly (ideally weekly, but I'll take what I can get). I've read enough creepy gamer stories to not want to be in one so I like to do meet-and-greets first just to make sure we click with each other.

Us: making kickass stories together and having a lot of fun doing it

Whaddaya think?
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