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[Offline][Los Angeles] Group forming in Torrance/South Bay

Dr. Confoundo

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Hello everybody! Who's looking to play a face to face game in Los Angeles?

I've gamed since I was a kid, but my last group shut down a couple years back. I've got a whole shelf of games that I've bought since then, and I'm eager to try them out - Blades in the Dark, Monster of the Week, Apocalypse World, Sentinel Comics RPG, Feng Shui 2E, Mutants & Masterminds, Phoenix Dawn Command, Fate, etc - but if you've got something else you want to run, I'd love to try it. (Basically anything except for D&D 5e.)

We live in the Torrance area, and I'm hoping for a weeknight game (Tuesdays or Thursdays?), every other week. We've got plenty of room at our house (although we do have dogs, so allergies beware). I'm happy to GM or play, depending on interest.

Send me a private message if you are interested!
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