[Online][5e][Discord][Roll20]Brand New One Shot Universe ~The Blood Lands~ is seeking players and DMs alike! Come help us grow a community!

It is the year 537 of the Blood Calendar and the Gods, Dragons, and Demon Lords continue their fight for control of the people. Currently those with the power of the blood are the ruling elite! You find yourself on the central continent of Orlanthia, in the city of Veradon, a neutral city at the borders of the 3 great empires run by mercenaries and offering their services to all 3 empires. Mercenary guilds, Taverns, and shops litter the central through fare, which leads it way from the North gate of town to the Southern half where the Hall of Bounties lies. In this hall you can find parties to band together with and enlist your services to any of the bounties that are pinned of the board, assuming you have the rank to do so.
This is a shared home brewed one-shot universe. https://discord.gg/FhzzCuH
You create your PC starting at level 5, and through one-shots you can level them up to 20.
I am looking for Players, DMs, and Lore DMs of all experience levels to help start and grow this into a great community. Currently I am going it all alone, but I hope many of you fine folks will join in and help create a diverse and wonderful universe for us all to play in.
Please understand that this is a Family Friendly and all inclusive server.
Players must be 14 or older, however no sexuality, NSFW, or extreme gore situations are permitted.
Racism and Hate Speech will also not be tolerated. We want everyone to get along, role play together, and have a good time.
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