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[Online] [5e] two players looking for game?


New member
Play Location/Method: Via Discord
Game/System: D&D 5e
Player or GM? Two players! Collect two in one, we are friends and thought it would be fun to join a game together rather than alone.
Time/Frequency: Week days and weekends, Time varies depending on which time zone you are referring to..
Genre: Fairly standard fantasy dnd universe
Current needs: Looking for a game with room for two players.

Copy-paste cause I don't think I can write it better than this. :> we are both newish players I believe.
Heya. My friend (Sweden, 18) and I (New Zealand, 16) are looking for a new game to join/create together. We both have rather uncluttered schedules so any day is fine, and also allows us to be able to play regularly. Not to be demanding but we are looking for a change from other games we have played, so a game of primarily human like characters over more furry ones is desired, and maybe not too large of a group either (dm, 2 players plus us?).
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