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[Online] Broken Worlds - Minecraft Roleplaying Server

This is a role-playing server, not a survival one or a single-player one. You will be expected to work together, form communities and interact with others, not just wander off into the wilderness .

Welcome to the Broken Worlds; a dedicated fantasy-inspired role-playing server whose community has stuck together for over 6 years! Over this time, we have changed maps as the main storylines come to a close, but are now focusing on a much more longer-term map!

In the beginning, we were heavily inspired by Dwarf Fortress. As years have gone by, we have slowly drifted away from that, but our current world is much more DF-inspired than previous maps.
We are a vanilla server, with a few plugins. Search for 'BWRP' on Technic and select the vanilla option.

We have the SkillAPI plugin! Classes and professions are available, with a number of different skills. The system is still in progress, so some updates may happen.

The World
We have custom-written lore, put together by our team of Storytellers (our moderators) and Community Managers, custom-made maps and a rich backstory of both regions and individuals in this world. All of this lore is often put forward by the players, working it into their backstories of their characters.

With a world crumbling to an end at his feet, Beor Fellhammer, First and Last Dwarven God of the Second Pantheon, cradles in his palm his cherished homeland.

Reaching into the void, he brings Dwarves from the time of their deaths to him, in order to build a better future.

Dwarves from all realms and times have found themselves waking up in a small, rudimentary chapel, dedicated to Beor. This chapel is, in turn, found within a larger Fortress; Rakust Dosîm.

The world outside has been changed drastically. Surrounding the Fortress; a gigantic chasm pockmarked with caves, with a magma ocean stretching as far as the eye can see.

Dwarves have settled into their new surroundings, building rooms, workshops and chambers to suit their needs. As the population grows and more questions arise, only time will tell what will be revealed.

Fleeing the destruction of their realm, the Elves utilised a device that would float their city high up into the sky, far away from the dangers of the world below.

However, the machine tore the city from the fabric of reality itself and now it floats in the abyss; an idyllic paradise surrounded by nothing.

In the heart of this tiny island is a small portal that connects to the Dwarven realm. Travellers can come and go freely, but so can the horrors from the other side.

During a recent expedition to the Kingsgrave Keep; a ruined Fortress in the caves, a small seed was discovered. Upon planting this seed, the Humans have started to appear.

They have since made their home in the caverns. A new settlement; Petrichor, built overlooking the Elven territory in the realm and teeming with fungus and mushroom life.

On this server, you will be playing a character. For this world, specifically, you will be playing a Dwarf, Elf or Human who has been displaced from their home (whether they remember that or not, is up to you).

Think of a backstory, which can be as detailed as you want. Where does your character come from? What are their interests? How do they talk and act? Are they brave or cowardly? All these little nuances will add up to create a truly memorable character.

You can be any profession you wish, from mechanically-based ones such as blacksmiths, farmers and alchemists, to more roleplay-based ones, such as scholars, explorers, cheesemakers, and many more. Our team of Storytellers and Community Moderators will do their best to allow each player to form their own stories and make their own experiences.

How To Join
* Join our Discord server, via the link on our Wiki
* Read our Rules
* Fill in our application available via Discord
* Get whitelisted and play!
We've added the Roleplay Essentials plugin to the server, which adds a couple of neat features you may be interested in, accessed via the /char command:
- Customizable character cards, which offer some basic publically-available info about your character for the world to see!
- the /travel on|off command, which toggles a slower walking speed for RP. No more need for crouching like a weirdo every time you want to step thoughtfully!
- View other players' character cards by shift-rightclicking that person in-game! So easy, you probably won't do it accidentally!

The gender and race fields have restricted values, but the rest of them are open.
The list of fields is set by STs in the config files; we'll only expand it if there's sufficient interest in specific additions to the list.
There is no obligation to use this plugin any more than you choose to.
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