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*Web Site* [Online Campaign Manager] Just Launched Chronica


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My wife and I have been playing tabletop games for awhile and playing online for a few years now. As much as I love running our campaigns, there was always the problem of organizing our world data, characters, quests, etc, both for me as the GM and our party. Especially when we started a Kingmaker campaign from Pathfinder, tracking the districts and cities in a spreadsheet was just not working for us.

Chronica is a online campaign manager to help you track your games. Whether its tracking quests, NPCs, players, maps, journals and more. With many tabletop groups now moving towards online play, it becomes even more difficult to keep track of all that is needed while playing. We originally created Chronica just for our own use, as the tools out there now did not satisfy all our needs, but we finally finished development and launched Chronica to the public! Let us help you manage your tabletop and make it accessible to everyone in the party in real time.
We would love for you to take a look and give it a try!

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