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Online - Cypher System / The Strange - GM - Seeking 3 more players


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Play Location/Method: Online - Tabletop Simulator and Discord Voice
Game/System: Cypher System / The Strange
Player or GM?: GM
Time/Frequency: Weekly, Wednesdays, 1pm - 4pm EDT
Genre: Multi
Current needs: 3 more players
Accept Drop-In Players?: No
Accept Spectators?: Yes (each session will air live on twitch or youtube)
Short description of the setting/campaign:
Clade Academy is an experimentally cooperative arm of both the Quiet Cabal and the Estate; seemingly serving both, but often suspected of actually controlling them instead.

One of their most lucrative operations utilizes the services of their Clades...

Clade 8, often informally referred to as "The Coven", is a strategically assembled all-female tactical force consisting of one Warrior, one Adept, one Explorer, and one Speaker - each acquired from a strange land and trained in the ways of Translation. Their purpose is to quietly and efficiently accomplish the tasks that others could not, would not, and should not.

Clade 8 will face just about anything from "Aliens" to "Zombies" as they handle the Academy's most important missions in this curious episodic multi-genre homebrew adventure.
More info here: http://bit.ly/RolliloquyCasting
Apply here: https://forms.gle/asw22AmLhkgW7cJN7


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Session 0 is being moved to Wednesday, May 29, at 1PM EDT to allow more time for filling the remaining seats.
Our Speaker ran into a scheduling conflict, so we're seeking 3 more plays.
Explorer remains to the the only role that's been filled.
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