[Online/Discord] Supers Revised Edition Looking For Group


Strange Apparition
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Hi, I really want to play Supers Revised Edition. I want to play online, but need someone to run the game and other players. Discord is probably the best option. If anyone is interested, let's figure something out.

For me tone wise I'd want something in the MCU or Arrow-verse or that sort. Always open to other ideas, just generally not anything to grim or dark. Those aren't my superhero cup of tea. ;)


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You might want to check out the unofficial Supers! Discord channel to find some people. I might be looking to set up a short game in the near future, as I might want to playtest some material for future publication. if I do, it will be on my own channel; I'll post the link when I get home from work, as I don't have access to Discord on my work pc
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