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Online Elite Dangerous community brings joy to a young teen’s last days


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This one’s a real tearjerker. Sounds like last month the players and developers of Online Elite went above and beyond to bring joy to a dying kid whose main diversion was their game.

In Michael’s last week of life, thanks to the Elite Dangerous player community, a whole network of new friends sprang up in our darkest hour and made things more bearable with a magnificent display of empathy, kindness and creativity. I know it was Michael’s wish to celebrate the generosity he was shown, so I’ve written this account of how Frontier and friends made the intolerable last days of a 15-year-old boy infinitely better.


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They did good. I don't think I can add anything more meaningful. They did good.


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They've done in-game memorials a couple of times. You can fly to Pratchett's Disk or Leonard Nimoy Station. Then again, they didn't actually play the game...


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"His buoyant mood helped him walk from the oncology ward down to the food concourse, a feat he hadn’t managed for weeks."

The exact moment where I started crying. By the end, I was bawling.

Good job, nerds, and may all the gods bless you.


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I don't play Elite anymore but it's good to see the community with the game is as good-natured as I recall it being during my time as a player.
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