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[Online] [pbp] Freeform - GM - Players Wanted for Kitchen Sink social realism game


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Play Location/Method: online play by post at www.rpol.net (new users need to register and there is a two week wait period for access to the game. Time can be used to generate character ideas)
Game/System: freeform
Player or GM? I am the GM seeking players
Time/Frequency: no posting criteria but aiming for posts most days
Genre: Kitchen sink social realism set in urban city somewhere in the UK sometime in the 1980s focused on the lives of working class people. Strong emphasis on social justice and class politics
Current needs: Need additional players with an interest in the setting with a desire to tell extraordinary stories about ordinary people
Accept Drop-In Players? potentially yes
Accept Spectators? potentially yes
Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less): The Kitchen Sink' is a 'slice of life' game set in the fictional city of Shaddingham sometime in the 1980s. The concept of the game is rooted in the experience of the British working class of the period. The focus of the game is on the social, cultural and economic upheaval of the period. The players are all nominally 'ordinary' people with very real issues. Largely sandbox however GM guidance and events planned. Knowledge of the setting desirable but not essential as full support and source material available. Would suit intelligent players with a strong sense of issues affecting disadvantaged and marginalised communities. The tone may be challenging at times but there is always room for flowers to grow through the concrete.

PM me on here in first instance if interested or wish to learn more.
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