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(Online)(Roll20)(DCC) Looking for players for Dungeon Crawl Classics one shot


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LFP - Nebin Pendlebrook's Perilous Pantry (Dungeon Crawl Classics)

The tiny village of Bitterweed Barrow is unaccustomed to mysterious tunnels, missing halflings, or the need for brave adventurers, but now it has all three! Can a band of gong-farmers and shoe-cobblers muster the courage to descend into the darkness and confront the terror that waits beyond Nebin Pendlebrook’s unexpectedly perilous pantry?

I'll be running this as a one shot session which will last no more than 3 hours. I'm based in Scotland but posting this here because the times I'm running at may better suit North American players (or EU players who keep odd hours like myself).

Players needed:
Date: Sunday 26th May 2019
Time: 1730 - 2030 EST
Platform: Roll20 (wanted to do FG but nobody was biting)
Level: 0 (funnel with 4 characters each)
Pre-gens provided: Yes (if required)

If anyone is interested please message me directly and I'll send you an invite link or post in the applications thread at:
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