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[Online] [Roll20] [Discord] [Need Players] Apoapsis: A Scifi Campaign About Community and Revolution

Dan Derrington

New member
Play Location/Method
Online, using Roll20 for rolling and character sheets, and Discord for communication

Mostly Stars Without Number: Revised, though I'm trying to hack it to make it better for social interaction, community, and the sorts of social, interpersonal, economic, and political conflicts that I want to run. The mechanical chassis is identical to SWN, though.

Player or GM?
I am the sole GM of the campaign.

I anticipate a weekly campaign, with sessions happening every Sunday at 12 PM PST (I'm on the west coast of the United States), though starting times are somewhat flexible. I anticipate this being a fairly long-term campaign, though you don't need to commit to a huge chunk of time if you don't want to.

Current Needs
Two or three more players, for a total of four to five. I already have two from the precursor campaign that inspired the hack I'm working on

Accept Drop-In Players?
No. The campaign requires continuous play so that PCs can develop meaningful bonds with each-other and the communities in which they live.

Accept Spectators?
Perhaps, depending on the preferences of the other players. But don't count on it.

Short Description of the Setting
The pitch I gave on Roll20 is probably the best I can give the game. Check that out for more details. But in short:

The campaign takes place in the Republic of Volstatt, an ostensibly democratic but highly unequal nation that’s been going through a massive civil rights movement. The leader of that movement, Teresa Abasto, has just been assassinated. The Revolution she started is furious over her death and are looking for blood. The Republic is on the brink of civil war. PCs play as ordinary folks affiliated with the Revolution who are trying to figure out what in the hell they're going to do. Players will do what they can to influence the course of the Revolution. But mostly they will try to guide themselves, their families, their communities, and their society through the chaos that will follow, hopefully creating a better world in the process.

How To Apply
Please head to the LFG page for the campaign on Roll20, go to the Applications thread, and follow its instructions.

Raw link: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/154589/apoapsis

If that link doesn't take you where you need to go, you should be able to find it fairly easily in the LFG page by searching for Stars Without Number games. It's one of only a handful of campaigns using that system on the site.
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