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[Online][Roll20/Discord] Shadowrun 5e - GM - Needs 1 player


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Pálinkás jó reggelt*, shiny happy people!

Play Location/Method: Roll20 / Discord
Game/System: Shadowrun 5th Edition (Only really need the core book to keep things simple, but if you want to use stuff from any of the books up to and including Kill Code or maybe Better than Bad, I'm cool with it)
Player or GM? I'm the GM
Time/Frequency: Weekly, 4-hour blocks on Sat afternoon, Central European timezone. Current schedule is 15:00 -> 19:00 UTC.
Genre: Dystopian cyberpunk with magic!
Current needs: One more player -- chromed combat type (street sam, razorgirl/boy, cyber-ninja, etc)
Accept Drop-In Players? Not really, due to the crunchy nature of SR5 and the campaign plotting. That said, there may be recruitment drives to get replacement players as needed (like now!).
Accept Spectators? Ambivalent, haven't streamed anything on Twitch yet, but may in the future, if all the players approve.
Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less):
The year is 2080, and the Sixth World is as much of a drekhole as ever. NeoNET - the giant megacorp de facto in control of the world's communications - is collapsing, and the rapid shifts in equilibrium threaten to pull the entire world under.
You are shadowrunners -- dangerous, deadly criminals-for-hire. Your skills (and deniability) make you a hot commodity... as long as you keep a good reputation with your prospective employers, the "Mr. Johnson"s of the world. You are also one of the few who can sometimes look behind the curtain and see shadowy conspiracies and their terrible schemes. Hey, as long as the job gets done and you get paid, who cares, right?

I've been running a weekly Shadowrun campaign (Saturdays, 1500 - 1900UTC; basically Euro afternoon-evening / US morning-midday) since Dec 2018. After completing 10 runs, the story has arrived at a milestone where I figured it'd be a good idea to get some new players in. The current group makeup is a mage/face, a combat-focused adept, a rigger, and a technomancer/off-face, meaning the team has an Ares Alpha-sized hole for a good old fashioned street samurai -- hopefully YOU! Of course the new character would get the necessary Karma/Nuyen/resources to let them catch up to the rest of the group (representing them being an established 'runner already).

I've made a catch-up document here -- this includes a brief IC/OOC summary of the campaign and characters, a GM style guide as well as some basics set during Session 0 to help set expectations, and some example material used in previous runs.

If you're interested, send me a PM here answering the following questions (and maybe other questions too, I am not the boss of you!):
Say a few words about yourself, your age and your experience with RPGs.

What's your experience with Shadowrun?

What do you expect from this game?

What flavor of chrome monster would you like to play?

What kind of character do you want to play? (Just a sentence or two about the backstory and concept is fine)
If you have any questions, post them in this thread, and I'll be happy to answer! See you in the shadows, omae...

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* As seen in the previous episode, this roughly means "good morning while drinking a shot of some 45-50% alcohol fruit brandy", and it is totally a legit greeting in Hungarian. :p
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