[Online] Steampunk in SPAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCE! using openrpg


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So in two months or so I'm starting a new campaign that's going to be using savage worlds in a setting thats a mix of space opera and steampunk. I plan go a bit gonzo weird science, plant men, dwarves in giant rockets, evil elves with their evil plots to take over the universe, ghost ships, people wearing gears in odd places for even odder reasons. The game will be every saturday 4pm eastern to 10-11pm although we have played past 1am a few times just because we got so far into the game and couldn't stop. Openrpg is used for running the game and if you can use teamspeak thats a HUGE plus. Right now i've got three players in ages from 22 to 62, I'd like one or two more to fill out the group. A sense of humor is required and rules lawyers need not apply. If your interested or have questions please drop me a message.
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