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[OOC] [Blue Rose AGE] Voyages of the Blue Rosie


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Voyages of the Blue Rosie Wiki link here

IC thread here

Recruitment thread here

Important Notes:

-The system and most of the setting to be used is Blue Rose AGE (with some homebrewing, homeruling, and some bits of borrowing from other rpg settings). I'm new to pbp, and new to Blue Rose in general, so please have patience with me, thanks.

-I am the GM, and the players so far are: @ajdynon, @Shawn_Hagen , and [MENTION=72128]talam[/MENTION] . I would love a few more players, so I’m still recruiting.

A bit of background and premise:

Aldis, the Kingdom of the Blue Rose, under the reign of Queen Jaellin, is a beautiful and diverse kingdom, but one that is still being rebuilt and is still recovering from that battle with Jerk, the Lich King, from several years ago. Aldis is home to a many people and many races, and welcomes refugees from all around, for the most part. The Queen has had to navigate her way through the politics and having to face many enemies on many fronts.

While her armies dealt with the threats throughout the land, her navy dealt with threats along the seas and among the farther away islands and remote islands.

However, the Navy was not enough, and there were areas where the Navy could not access. The seas are expanse, mysterious, dangerous, and contained all sorts of threats, some of which are submerged and some of which are very difficult to locate. They required more troops and more assistance, especially when there was a sudden increase in merchant ships being attacked, crews and passengers being kidnapped or disappearing without a trace, cargo being stolen, and a sudden uptick in seaside threats.

There also have been many rumors and stories of several major sea creature and undead attacks, as well as some reports of some strange goings-ons on some islands and even in the various ports.

Recently, a mysterious fog has also covered some areas of the seas, and correspondence to or from some areas have been lost or delayed.

So, the Queen had her Navy acquire occasional assistance of friendly or more honorable pirates, like those of the Azure Banner, for areas near the Pirate Isles.

The Navy has also recruited some privateers to deal with the various threats and dangers at sea, to protect the valuable merchant ships, investigate the strange goings-on, and to help the many passengers, islanders, and Aldin citizens. Some Aldin nobles or merchants have also hired their own privateers to protect their own cargo ships and so on.

This is where you (the players) come in. You are a group of mercenary, but good-intentioned Aldin privateers who work for Aldin nobles and even the crowned Queen herself, and you travel the seas to combat the sea threats and to protect the innocent. You will have your own reasons and goals, of course, but you are all part of a loyal crew, and you will work together to face the many threats out there.

Your ship is actually named The Witch's Storm, but to give it a less threatening edge when investigating, your ship's alias will be The Blue Rosie. Some enemies can underestimate your ship with a cutesy name like that...

Time scheduling: I live in the United States, in Eastern Time, so please take that into consideration. I hope to have posts for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If that is too much, we can do Tuesdays and Thursdays, instead, or we can include one of the weekends.

I will put up the IC thread when it is time to start the game, hopefully by next Monday or Wednesday.

Guidelines and Rules for the Game:
1.) Please post in a timely manner. I will have a time limit of one day after. If you do not post, I will skip over your turn or post for you. (Sorry if this sounds mean, but the game must move on. :( )

2.) Short OOC comments go into an spoiler block at the bottom of the IC post, like so
Spoiler: Show
Total spoilers
More detailed and longer comments go into this thread (OOC thread)

3.) All in-character posts can be either first person or third person. Preferably, third person, but as long as the label of the character's name and class is there, I don't mind.

4.) HOUSERULE: The GM will roll dice for both whole groups (PCs and NPCs) for the Initiative stage. There will be a die roll of D20, and then whichever group has the higher roll will go first. So, if Enemy group rolls high, then they all go first. If Player group rolls high, then the Players will go first.

There will be two phases, one for each group: Player Phase (for players' turn) and Enemy/NPC Phase (for Enemies' or NPCs' turn).

When it is the Player Phase, players post whenever they can; there is no individual Initiative for the Players. It's a first-come, first-post sequence for the players. Once all of the players have posted, the Player Phase has ended, and I post to resolve the Players' actions, and then do the Enemy Phase.

For example, say the Players vs. an Enemy Group of Skeletons plus their Captain. I roll a D20 for each group. The Players get a 12, while the Enemy gets a 14. The Enemy goes first, so the Enemy Phase starts.
Spoiler: Show

Roll D20 for Combat Initiative. Results: Players = 12, Enemy = 14.

Enemy Phase starts.

Enemy Order:
1) Skeleton with Sword
2) Captain
3) Skeleton with Bow and Arrows

Enemy Phase ends.

Player Phase starts.

Like so.

5.) Players must state their intentions and what results they are trying to achieve. Also, in a Spoiler box, roll and please put which Major/Minor Actions you are using. I'm not going to be too strict with exact numbers or strict applications of exact distance in movements. I will follow the narrative fiction for some things like that. A rough example below:

Example: Angrily, Pira sprints towards the Captain, and reaching him, swung her sword forward at him, hoping to deal some major damage to his chest area.

Spoiler: Show

Minor Action: Run

Major Action: Melee Attack

Roll whatever.
Success or Failure?

6) Players must use their metacurrency (Stunt Points) during their turn in the Player Phase immediately. Please put in the spoiler-box to state how many Stunt Points you have left.

7) Please do not control/puppet other Player Characters (as best as you can). However, you MAY choose to puppet an NPC in your bonds/relationships in a scene, if they are interacting with your own character. Just let me know in OOC what you plan for the NPC to do, either in OOC spoilerblocks or in the OOC thread, thank you. :)

8) If your character speaks in another language, please use italics, if you can. (If not, then use the < > symbols or something.)

9) IMPORTANT: Please edit the wikia and put up additional information and notes in the Wikia, and keep it up-to-date. I may miss some stuff, and it would help if you all kept up with your own PC info.

10) For any questions and concerns, please contact me or post in the OOC thread. If I have made a mistake, please let me know in OOC, and I will take your suggestions and corrections into consideration. The GM has the final say, but I am open to suggestions and advice, thank you. :)

Finally, some expectations:

1) I am more used to D&D systems and less familiar with the Blue Rose system, so please have patience with me if I mess up in this area. ^_^;;

2) Also, I tend to like action or combat-stuff, but I will try to add some social and (easy) puzzles here and there.

3) The PCs are mercenaries, but they have good intentions, and a good heart underneath the rough edges (if any). You will do your best to help others, even if you get monies in the process, haha. ;)

4) The tone should be adventurous, and there will be supernatural stuff, and maybe even some horror stuff. PG-13 level at the most, like Pirates of the Caribbean.

5) I may borrow some content from other rpgs (pirate rpgs, GURPS, etc) as well, in terms of pirate information, inspiration for various creatures, NPCs, locations, and for ship-combat, etc. Blue Rose AGE doesn't have a big bestiary like I'm used to in D&D, so there may be some additional creatures and additional surprises in the game. ;)

Okay, I think that's it for now. Any questions? :)

You may start posting stuff here. I want you guys to discuss on your characters know each other and also discuss what your position and duties are on your ship.

General Ship Positions:
~Captain: self-explanatory. Good at everything, and respected by all. Gets the most of the loot. Can be demoted if seen as unfit to lead.

~Quartermaster: one of the highest-ranking officers who carries out Captain's command; selects the boarding party and is first pirate to go onto enemy ships when boarding; mediates arguments; keeps track of payment and the rations and supplies and cargo; takes as much loot as captain, and takes command of any captured boats and ships.

~Lieutenant: Assists the Quartermaster; takes command of the pirate ship during battle if Captain dies; takes about 1 1/4th of the loot like the other officers below

~Sailing Master: oversees all navigation and all of the sail setting

~Boatswain: maintains the ship; also oversees the day-to-day duties and the passing out of rations

~Master Gunner: the main gunner in charge of overseeing the training of gunners and maintaining all of the ship's guns

Ship Duties and Other Important Ship Positions:
~Carpenter: repairs the masts and hulls

~Cook: cooks the food for everybody; the position is usually given to an older or injured crew member, but pirates ain't picky as long as the person can cook!

~Crew: regular crew members who do the cleaning, the rigging, the sailing, the fighting, the gunning, the rowing, and more; they are still respected as much as the rest of the members of the ship; they also get equal share of the loot, and their families and loved ones get compensations from the loot, if the crew members die

~Musicians: provide entertainment for the crew; they may also demoralize the enemy

~Surgeon: treats diseases and mends injuries; a rare and important role that is usually given to anyone with some skills or to someone pressed into service from a captured ship (Aldis does not do like doing forced service, so Aldin people most likely hired this person.)
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Please let me know if anyone is still interested in the game or not these next few days, by Monday, or by Wednesday at the latest, thanks. :)

Otherwise, I’ll think the game is pretty much Dead On Arrival, and I’ll have to cancel it. It’s my fault for delaying too long and probably for putting up too many setting up posts...

(I personally don’t mind cancelling, because I can just keep playing Roll20 rpg games and irl board games and just start GMing in those areas. I’m good for whatever the outcome. I would just like to know what is the consensus.)
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Still here. Still interested. PbP games can be slow to start up, most people are good with it.

I think Pira might be the sailing master as she can navigate the hell out of stuff.

Though everyone assumes she's the cabin girl. And she freezes them solid for it :)


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Still here. Still interested. PbP games can be slow to start up, most people are good with it.

I think Pira might be the sailing master as she can navigate the hell out of stuff.

Though everyone assumes she's the cabin girl. And she freezes them solid for it :)
It’s the nerves talking, I guess, haha. ^_^;; I just hope I didn’t scare anyone off, lol.

Oh, yeah! :) I was totally thinking the same about Pira being the navigator position, since you mentioned her having some focus on the navigation skill! ^_^

Oh, have you mentioned her Arcana (is it Arcana)? I don’t remember. I’ll have to keep reading up and re-reading on the sections on Rezean plains and the witches stuff tonight.

I think Zeva has Water Shaping, but I could be misremembering. After all, any water (or wind) powers could be quite useful at sea! :)
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I think Zeva has Water Shaping, but I could be misremembering. After all, any water (or wind) powers could be quite useful at sea! :)
Pira has wild magic control of wind. Which is good, cause the ship should always have wind, and bad because it might sometimes be a hurricane :)


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Pira has wild magic control of wind. Which is good, cause the ship should always have wind, and bad because it might sometimes be a hurricane :)
Oh, wow, cool, haha! :-D Yeah, that would be useful—and sometimes dangerous!

That should go onto her wikia entry (if it’s not there already), so I don’t forgets these kinds of lovely details when prepping, lol. XD
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Still interested, should get my character sheet up here tonight.
Sure thing! :)

Yeah, finalized (or at least ready for play) character sheets can be put here.

For the beginning, I’m thinking that your characters are docked at a pier in a pirate port, the crew preparing and spending time at a tavern.

Zeva could be waiting for a letter correspondence or some kind of message from or about Lorelei (her daughter), and Alvini could be flirting with a mysterious woman or man while also getting drunk, or getting into bar fights or duels, and so on. ;) Just some ideas.

This would be a brief intro to your characters and what they would do on the brief offshore leave, and what ship duties they would be attending to once on the ship.

We will decide here (on OOC thread) what mission the privateers will be heading towards first as we establish the intro stuff.


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Spoiler: Show

Name: Arvini Hagin-Jala

Class: Warrior level 1

Race: Human

Background: Outcast

Health: 30+1+2=33

Calling: The Fool (adventure and excitement)

Destiny: 8 of Swords (Free-Spirited)

Fate: Queen of Chalices (Capricious)

Accuracy: 2

Communication: 3 (Deception, Gambling)

Constitution: 1 (Swimming, Stamina)

Dexterity: 3

Fighting: 3

Intelligence: 0

Perception: 0

Strength: 1

Willpower: 0

Speed: 13

Benefits: 3, 9 (Focus: Constitution (Stamina), Focus: Communication (Deception))

Weapons Groups: Brawling, Polearms, Heavy Blades, Light Blades

Talents: Carousing (novice), Weapon and Shield style (novice)

Still not entirely sure what to do for goals and relationships, any suggestions?
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