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OOP RPG Books you never got a hold of But really want to own.


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I have been spending years trying to get a hold of KULT Illusion Number One a Supplement/Promotional Item/Poster for KUlLT.

over a 3 year period I have seen this rare item on sale on ebay once and I lost in the bidding war.
It has become my Personal White Whale concerning my RPG Collection.

Same goes for the SLA Industries Screen.

So does anybody else have their own Book they really wish they owned and would go to ridiculous lengths (asking price etc.) to acquire?


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I've been looking for a copy of Alma Matter since 9th grade (1982).


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Realms of Chaos Lost and the Damned, and Realms of Chaos Slaves to Darkness for WHFRP. I had them back in the day, but lost both right around 2005. I keep an eye out for them on eBay, but what I've seen pop up every now and again are overpriced, severely damaged books. Alas.

There are a couple of Classic Traveller books I am missing that makes the completist in me twitch every now and again; but I own all of the Classic Traveller books on CD so I don't feel so bad.
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