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The Great Hundred project has begun:


The project is designed to produce an open content system-independent exotic fantasy supplement. The supplement will take the 120 best entries from the project, along with art donated to the project, and produce a free .pdf and at-cost POD.

We're looking for new contributors, editors, and pundits, to help us create short entries, which will make up the pages of the eventual .pdf and POD. Several entries have already been provided, along with a map (which some of you will recognize as Chuck McCann's Ravennia). These are then polished up by the community according to the guidelines we've established, and then they can be nominated as "gold-star" entries. Once we have approximately 120 nominated entries, we'll change gears into production and put out the final product.

Once the project is complete we will all have a new fantasy setting that we can use however we want for our own projects, whatever they may be. What we need now are comments and criticisms on the Discussion page. Check us out!
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1. An open content fantasy writing project
2. A set of adventure ideas
3. An exotic sword-and-sorcery setting
4. Written by the community
5. Something new
6. The number 120 - no, really.
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