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IC OSR: Sakkara 2


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Dieterich whispers a prayer to Tiarn that they have not run into any foul beasts during their search, then says out loud: "Then it seems like this is a dead end. I suggest we return to the room with the Harpies and explore another avenue."


Are you mochrieing me?
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Aldereth inspects the floor and ceiling before they enter then helps examine the walls looking for signs of secret doors.

He agrees with Dieterich.
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The passageway only goes 10' before turning east. It proceeds a total of 30' before ending at a door. Beyond the door is an L-shaped room made of three 20x20 "blocks."

The door in is on the west wall, 30' down from the NW corner. There is a door on the north wall in the far NE corner of the room, and an open passage on the south wall 10' east of the SW corner of the room.

The room appears to be empty.

OOC: I hope this description makes some sense, especially to the mapper!
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