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Outlaw Press Watch


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For those interested in the continuing story of James Shipman and Outlaw Press (after the first thread was locked due to length), there is more to tell. I'm not a great cataloger or chronicler, so I am going to link off to a fantastic summary: http://mxyzplk.wordpress.com/2009/12/11/outlaw-press-aka-jim-shipman-is-a-big-crook/

And today, an auction on EBay seems to have turned up more Shipman scamming.

Now the product description on the auction site is pretty blank, and I don't know if this is a by-product of an auction closing on EBay or something (never used it), but it used to say that this was as valuable as the closing bid might indicate.

He is still selling copies of the Best of the Hobbit Hole (filled with unauthorized use of articles). He is still scamming people.

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Good! If you know more people selling or distributing RPG material, please let them know also.
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It is also widely suspected that he started sending messages to Lulu, saying that there was 'litigation' regarding the Tunnels and Troll trademark. So Lulu's policy is to pull all T&T material from Lulu storefronts. Absurd.
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I'm just glad that there are enough people aware of this sort of thing now that they are letting others know about the asshole moves Shipman has pulled. While we might not be able to gather enough cash to sue, we can at least blow the whistle on him so people know about his antics.

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Also, this, posted on the 19th of Janary. Not only does he seem to be trying to report to Lulu for infringement (by Flying Buffalo!) But he also seems to have taken to impersonating Ken when posting on Blogs. :mad:

Of course, if he passed something off as authentic on an ebay auction, and is now refusing to give back the money to the buyer, then he's pushing into criminal fraud, especially since it was a $1300 auction.
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Complete with "Online Degree" and Evony ads!

This guy is a total wanker, thieving aside.
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