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Paid comission - album art requied


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Hi folks,

Tons of talent here!

I am looking for an artist to design the cover for my upcoming album. I'm looking for a comic books style.

The piece will be taken up by an evil looking figure in a cloak (think Nazgul), face on, arms out, with a cloudy background that has hints of cybernetics showing through, maybe some faded crumbled buildings off to the sides if there is room. The primary lighting will be purple.

Can you please advise a rough price for a single full colour piece that would need to display nicely at around 3780*3780px

I've put an image below which really captures the kind of style I'm after, but not the content (see above). E.g. I really want big bold lines and super clarity in the lighting of the figure.

Please email: voidstarezero@gmail.com with an estimated price, and also any portfolio images which match the style I'm after.

Can't wait to see what someone does for this.

Kind regards,




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Hi all, I've had many responses from many amazing artists. I've been able to come to an agreement with someone, though it was hard to choose from so many amazing folks. Thanks everyone who responded.
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