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Paranoia. What do the corridors of the Alpha Complex look like?


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So, I'm going with areas marked with a simple line of colour clearence. I think the browns and greys as 'treasonous' was a step too silly and classify grey, brown and chrome as 'non-colours'.

".. Of course they are not colours citizen, they don't conform to the colour classification system! Duh!.."

So imagine you have dedicated clearence bots, they are simply modified scrubots with a linesman brush or sprayer underneath them, paint and magnarail propulsion, so you have a pseudo-reason how can stick to walls and ceilings as they zip along the line repainting old clearence areas, upgrading and downgrading the area as appropriate.

Or perhaps its a whole team of bots speedily sprucing and repainting old corridors entirely.

Imagine the mass panicked exodus of citizens to outrun being caught in an area 'accidently' up-clearenced... the death zones of Battle royal?

Perhaps its all a sinister corpore metal plot, hearding citizens headlong into a trap?

Hmm... Shooting the bots, even if treasonously re-programmed may cause inconvenient paint explosions. Just how easy is this stuff to get off...



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Most of the Complex looks like the Farrington Building at SHSU crossed with the Wescoe Building at University of Kansas, which is to say, what was futuristic in the 60s-70s crossed with a parking garage converted into office and classroom space by the use of cubicle walls.

Walls are typically solid colors of the local security clearance. Everything is run down and gradually falling apart as things get scavenged.

Some areas look like they were bombed recently.

Some *were*.

HPD&MC is a special case. All their stuff may look creepy but it's all in tip-top shape. Why? Because they do all the building. A Vidshow studio version of an Infrared Barracks may well look better than a *Yellow* barracks because it may be overcrowded, but it's in great shape. The AC has only two settings... *but they work*.

Often, they destroy and rebuild from scratch because that way they don't have to rely on Tech Services for maintenance.


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Yup saw this, was most impressed by the cool clearence colour illuminated vending machines, better illustrated in gameplay (now I imagine a unique white / ultraviolet one with its halo like glow and ordinary citizens scuttling past and averting their gaze).

Unlike some, this game has been very much on my radar :)

Gotta say I was pretty disappointed no-one made a Paranoia mod for Fallout 4 though - other then the colour code system its pretty much how I imagine the games domestic sectors (yet the same space with many more people and less privacy).
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