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[PF] Social and Background Skills Simple HR


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Ultimate Intrigue did a lot to address more social debate, even "social combat" in Pathfinder. Before that came along though, I'd had my own system. I've augmented it over time with ideas from these boards, and wanted to share it, below.

I like this system because it's...simple. It's very simple. Here we go:

Expanding "Background Skills" into Social Capital

1. Award players 1 skill point extra per level. This may be spent in any profession, craft, or perform skill.
2. Profession and Craft skills receive the following expansion: these skills may be used as knowledge skills in their related areas. In addition, they may be used as diplomacy among groups that tend to focus on them. This is similar to a weaponsmith being respected for her skill among her peers.

The goal of this system rewards players for investing in a background theme or story. It also makes those skills more useful.

A good expansion for this might be similar to how Skill Focus is handled, but not exactly the same. That is, 10 ranks (which would be L10 or higher PCs) would receive an additional +6 "fame bonus", and then a +3 "fame bonus" to two related skills, to represent their talent and reputation they've developed in these skills. The Weaponsmith could gain the extra bonus when dealing with other weaponsmiths. However, armorsmiths and blacksmiths, or maybe armorsmiths and profession/soldiers have heard of her, too, so she gets the +3 when dealing with them. Work with the player and their story to choose which 2 related skills would apply.

Mind, the GM and players may need to expand Profession and Craft to reflect a greater number of PC backgrounds and roles, but that is largely driven by working things out between player and GM.
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