Pictures of your dice?


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Anyone have any nifty dice they want to show off, or just pictures of their dice collection?

My relic dice. They were given to me by a friend in my gaming group before I moved away. They're one year older than I am.

And just some more of my regular dice, spread out for a game of D&D yesterday. That central D6 actually has a skull where the 1 should be, but it was inked on so it's faded over the years.


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Everything in a bunch. The white d8 is marked out because it wasn't mine. Accidentally got it home after some session and then spotted it in the picture after taking it; at the time I did't have any set in the color. It has been safely returned. :)



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While I've picked up a few additional boxes of dice, here's the most recent picture sans those new ones.

From the front

From the rear

Edit: The white ones next to the red box glow in the dark and the four dice next to the blue one were sold as a bracelet as was described in Andre Norton's Quag Keep.

A chainmail dice bag I made from two kits many years ago.

My wife walked by while I was getting the pictures and said she'd love to take them and mosaic them into a nice decign :eek:


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