[Planescape] What are the Top 3 Best Planescape products?


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What are the top 3 best Planescape products and why? I'd prefer print products, I think most of us know how awesome Torment is already.

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of the Factol's Manifesto and Planes of Order/Chaos myself, mostly because they expanded the setting while providing lots of nifty ideas.


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For me it is Planes of Law, conflict, Chaos. Between these three box sets I have a huge setting filled with adventure ideas and it allows the PCs to go where ever they want. It doesn't really have an over plot or anything that assumes where or what the Pcs go or do.


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Hellbound: the Blood War. Maybe the finest boxed set ever made. great info, background, and adventures. Worth whatever it costs.

Guide to the Ethereal Plane: Takes an otherwise lame place and makes it awesome.

On Hallowed Ground: A great Planescape-y look at deities.

Honorabel Mention: Faction War, Dead Gods.


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The 3 "Planes of" are the ones I find most indispensible, though Dead Gods is a great adventure.


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1) The Core boxed set. Probably a given, but it's one of the few gaming accessories which I own with which I'd never wish to part.

2&3, etc: anything detailing the Inner Planes. The MC appendix with animentals. Whichever book (can't remember the source offhand) which stated that in the plane of Ice there was a vast lake of frozen blood, caused by a war between tribes of trolls...who were themselves frozen in the ice. That image really stuck with me.


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I don't have three products to offer, but I vote for the "Factol's Manifesto". It's still useful for me, even in games completely unrelated to Planescape.

And PS:T, of course :D.


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Going a slightly different path, I recommend Uncaged: Faces of Sigil. I was never a major fan of predefined NPCs, but after picking up this book I was quickly converted. Dozens of NPCs both minor and major, bizarre characters full of plot hooks and connections and conspiracies between them. And even if you don't use one, the book is entertaining to read, since each entry is written in a different style or voice - some biographies, others snippets, or even stories told by other characters. Examples include a spy with multiple personalities, a seller of maps of the Mazes, a potential demigod, and many more. And if you don't like Sigil, a certain amount can be transplanted elsewhere on the planes.

Yes, that's only one, but an often overseen one.

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