PlaybyPost - 2nd ed AD&D - DM – Seeks Players

Play Location/Method: play by post @
Game/System: AD&D 2nd ed
Player or GM? I am the DM
Time/Frequency: post any time of day, preferably 3x week or more
Genre: pseudo-medieval high fantasy
Current needs: additional players
Accept Drop-In Players?No
Accept Spectators? Yes (no registration required, most threads are open)
Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less):
Currently, zero-level characters who survived a shipwreck, looking for someone to take over some NPCs as PCs, may change characters later. Roleplay is far more important than system knowledge. Setting is a home brew setting Game is Accidental Adventurers under AD&D

If not currently a member of playbyweb, create a log in (just need valid email). To join, create a character and hit RTJ and follow to the game. If you need more info, just PM me.
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