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PlaybyPost - 2nd ed AD&D - DM – Seeks Players


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Play Location/Method: play by post @ playbyweb.com
Game/System: AD&D 2nd ed
Player or GM? I am the DM
Time/Frequency: post any time of day, preferably 3x week or more
Genre: pseudo-medieval high fantasy
Current needs: additional players
Accept Drop-In Players?No
Accept Spectators? Yes (no registration required, most threads are open)
Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less):
Currently, zero-level characters who survived a shipwreck, looking for someone to take over some NPCs as PCs, may change characters later. Roleplay is far more important than system knowledge. Setting is a home brew setting Game is Accidental Adventurers under AD&D

If not currently a member of playbyweb, create a log in (just need valid email). To join, create a character and hit RTJ and follow to the game. If you need more info, just PM me.


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Bumping up, as the group is nearing their escape from the island, and new characters (1st level) can join. This may actually split into two parties when civilization has been reached.
Accidental Adventurers
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