Player - Email or "online" - White Wolf - looking for group


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Anyone for Email or online gaming?

Game/System: Vampire, Mage, or Hunter
Player or GM? Player
Play Location/Method: "Online" or email
Time/Frequency: Not provided
Current needs: group
Accept Drop-In Players? Not provided
Accept Spectators? Not provided
Short description of the setting/campaign (5 lines or less): World of Darkness/Not provided

(You might want to be more specific than "online")
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What do you have in mind? Dark ages, Victorian, mixed WoD?
Never played via e-mail, but I always have a bit of extra time to play on the



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I may be able to play, depending on the times agreed.

WW games I'm familiar with: Vampire (only read the core rulebook though.), Hunter, Demon and Exalted (never actually played an Exalted game, but I have access to both the core book and Dragon-blooded.)
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