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Player looking for a group to play


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My name is Daniel. I'm from Hungary and 18 years old. In my free time I play computer games and read books. I am creative, logical and sometimes I have weird ideas. I'm relatively new when it comes to roleplaying (only played some d&d 5e with friends). Preferably I'd like to play D&D 5e or Pathfinder or a Warhammer 40k RPG, but willing to play any fantasy or sci-fi rpgs(I only know how to play D&D 5e and Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader).


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If you are in Hungary, a local forum would give you more chances or maybe you want online tabletop rpg. If not in Hungary, where are you and what times are good for you? May be you want play by post which is forums just for that.
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