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Player-Tulsa, OK-DnD 3rd Ed, BESM, Buffy, or anything else semi-cinematic-look 2 join


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Game/System: I'll try anything once, but tend to shy away from systems that require more math for char gen than tax prep.

Player or GM?: Player, though I am looking to learn the art of running a good game, so I'd prefer a GM that takes his craft seriously, even if it is hack 'n' slash.

Play Location/Method: Tulsa area is a must. Looking for a mature group (21 and up, as a general rule)

Time/Frequency: weekends are my best bets, fri night to sunday, earlier in the day, if possible on sat and sun, but I'm flexible. I'd prefer longer sessions that start early.

Genre: Again, I'm up for anything fun. I enjoy cinematic genres, lots of over the top action and wuxia style combat. to me, GOOD combat should be just as satisfying as a good plot, and both together are perfection. Citizen Kane + Jackie Chan = The Matrix. It can be done. Oh. And I might get roped into some M:TG or something, if it's your group's thing.

Current needs: A good time with what I hope to be good friends.

Email contact: necronekko@softhome.net
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