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 [Poll] What Is Your Preferred MTG Color(s)?

What is your preferred MTG Color(s)?

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The Discerning Gentleman

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What color(s) do you often find yourself returning to when building your MTG decks? Do you have a default color? Let us know what it is, and if you wish to comment, make sure it's positive!


Neo•Geo Fanboy
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White, or White/Green. They're simple and straightforward, plus the art is appealing/pretty.

Blue gets too complicated for me. Red seems to have to many cost:benefit choices for me. I don't like the art/mood for Black.

I also pick fighting game characters based on how they look :p


Rainbow Person
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Blue forever! Even if I'm not playing mono blue, there is almost always blue in my deck. None of the other colors are weird and annoying enough. The only other color combo I really go for is Black/Green, though I could see myself making a Black/White deck under the right circumstances. Though I must add a disclaimer that I haven't actively played in years. I don't think the color identities have shifted that much, though.


Trying to be a bird
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Jeskai all the way. Blue/White/Red. I still enjoy other colors, but those are my heart. Weird stuff, answers to nearly anything, a bit of bite.


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White >> Blue >>>>>>> everyone else

I’m that awful person who is happiest when I am constantly tanking/healing your hits and bouncing your attacks and then locking down any tricks you have so you’re stuck hitting me directly, which I then heal.


We rise or fall...
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Green is for Godzilla, Blue is for sneaky trickery and Black is ruthlessness. :D


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I want to be red and green, stomping in is best in life. But the Temur know you need blue to keep up without very specific commanders.
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