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 [Poll] What Is Your Preferred MTG Color(s)?

What is your preferred MTG Color(s)?

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The Daemon who Dares
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If my deck doesn't have access to efficient counterspells and draw spells, I feel naked. So blue it is.

Endless Rain

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My favorite is Green/Black, but I prefer Red/Blue for control decks. I like Black with pretty much anything, don't like Red and Blue with anything other than each other or occasionally Black, and can't stand playing White no matter what it's combined with.
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I could rank them. Blue and Green would be up at the top, with the others following closely behind. I love them all though, which is part of why I like playing limited and building draft cubes.

Count Dorku

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Blue and red. I like me some instants and sorceries, and blue and red are the ones with the most weird things to do with them.


psychic dog-walker
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Blue! I love sea monsters, counterspells and drawing cards. You can always bluff having a counterspell when you play blue.

Secondarily I like green, though Izzet is my favourite Ravnica guild.
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