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 [Poll] What Is Your Preferred MTG Color(s)?

What is your preferred MTG Color(s)?

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Grixis! Red and Black have some nasty creatures and removal, Blue is great for tempo and card advantage.


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White - a white weenie deck (Serra Angels, Crusade, Savannah Lions, Swords to Plowshares, etc.) was my first Magic deck that was semi-competitive.

All my Commander decks are multi-colour now, but my favorites (Kaalia, Ghave, Mayael) all use a lot of white creatures and spells.


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Always have been a fan of Green/Black... although Red/Black is just... brutal sometimes.


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What ? No choice for 5 color builds :) ? I started playing Magic during the Invasion block and the first deck I bought was Domain and I immediately fell in love with it. I like having to play a game (trying to get the 5 basic land types out) within a game. Harrow is the best spell ever. Collective Restraint is the first card I bought as singles (I always bought boosters for quite a while). Draco, Cromat, Child of Alara, etc. I just love domain.

As for the color I hate the most, it's blue. Especially mono-blue. If I'd be on a battle field dueling another wizard and he wouldn't cast anything other than counterspells, I'd simply stop casting and start wacking him with my staff asking him to counter that ;).


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Black. I love the flavor. I love the creatures. I love that my counterspell is "I'm gonna Murder your creature." I love that sometimes I'm going to punch myself in the face.

I got back into Magic last fall, so just started learning the Guilds. Guilds of Ravnica didn't really appeal to me, but I was hyped for Ravnica Allegiance because Orzhov looked so much like what I wanted, and it did not disappoint.


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I really like Blue. When it comes to EDH, I like 3 colour decks with Blue. So: Bant, Esper, Grixis, Jeskai, Sultai and Temur. I'm hoping for an interesting Jeskai or Temur Deck in the 2019 Commander set.


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U/W. Specifically old school U/W control with Serra Angels, Control Magics, Jaemdae Tomes and expensive jewelry to power them.
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