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 [Poll] What Is Your Preferred MTG Color(s)?

What is your preferred MTG Color(s)?

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The Daemon who Dares
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Green is pulling ahead pretty good, I wasn't expecting that. 😲
Lots of people like stompy decks, and green has a pretty good midrange core in standard right now that can mix with any other color. (That would be the so called 'explore core' of Wildgrowth Walker, Merfolk Branchwalker and Jadelight Ranger) so I'm not too surprised.


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I tend towards using Black. My best deck in Arena is Black/White, and my second best is Black/Red. (Third best is Blue/Green, so I guess that breaks the trend)

Freedom Geek

Transhuman Cyborg
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I'm definitely primarily Blue/Red. I'm willing to use White/Black sometimes too, I don't like Green much.
Most of those decisions are how much I agree with the colour's philosophies though, I try to play and get good at what I agree with.
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