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 [Poll] What Is Your Preferred MTG Color(s)?

What is your preferred MTG Color(s)?

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I got straight up mono-blue. I gave "Some" to a lot of the words, and only consistently identified strongly with Blue-associated words (Investigative, Curious, Wordplay, etc.). The unrelated nature of some concepts in a color often meant that even stronger responses tended to be cancelled out by strong negative responses - I identified strongly with Acceptance, for example, but gave zip to any words resembling Spirituality. The two aren't related, but the quiz and color wheel relate them. Though I wonder if some of the words gave points to multiple colors; I'm reminded that Spirituality means as much to Black as it does to White.

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When I did this colour test, I came out Temur (Blue, Red, Green). Which is one of my favourite colour combinations.
It said my colors were Blue/Black/White, with scores of Blue: 356, Black: 317, White: 316, Green: 262, and Red: 134

Which is weird, since I hate playing any color combination with White. My favorite colors are usually Green and Black.


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Red - when it comes to direct damage, quantity has a quality all its own.

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I haven't played in a while, but a couple of buddies called me out the other day, so I pulled out my old trusty red deck. Needless to say, I put the firey hammer down on their candy asses. (Flex, flex). 😊


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Given how close the vote is I can only compliment WotC on making each color attractive in their own right. I don't think there are any colors I outright dislike.
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