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 [Poll] Your Favorite RPG Genre

What are your favorite RPG genres?

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Alright. I've tried to include everyone's ideas for what should be included on this poll, sadly, there is a Max for poll choices. I know it's impossible to please everyone, so just vote for what you think is closest to your favorite, and remember, keep the comments positive! 😄


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Horror - generally modern (I play a lot of Delta Green and want to get a group together for the Dracula Dossier), but sometimes historical.


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Fantasy for me, followed by modern fantasy a la Dresden Files. I just love magic, elves, dragons and all that.

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Fantasy, sci-fi, and post apoc are my favorites. I'll also play Marvel Superheroes (FASERIP), Top Secret, and James Bond 007 but otherwise other genres don't float my boat.


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Still a big fantasy fan, whether it’s medieval or D&D fantasy or something more high tech like science fantasy. :) I also like paranormal stuff like ghosts, werewolves, vampires, etc.

I don’t necessarily need supernaturals (though I do like them!), but I must have magic of some sort, even if it’s just for the humans. If there is no magic, then at least have awesome over the top action moves like in action-adventure movies.

I also like sci-fi, but very “soft” and more focused on adventures or even gentle slice of life plots.

I would accept Modern if it includes the above over the top action moves...

While I do love some Romances and gentle modern drama-comedy stories, I don’t want to play super-high-drama in my tabletop games. (I would still like the subplots of romances and friendships and making alliances as part of the overall story, of course.)


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I've shifted from my #1 being Fantasy to it falling to #2 and Sci-fi taking the top spot. Almost any kind of sci-fi will do.

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While I do like Fantasy and Superhero, it's more because they tend to be the genres that comes closest to having the kitchen sink I'd really like to see.


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Tie between SF and Postapocalypse, but I voted for Post Apocalyptic.
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