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Polyurethane Foam!


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Hi there!

I'm new and stuff blah blah. I basically joined to ask this question because I couldn't really find the answer anywhere else. (Though I'm sure this will be a very helpful resource in the future)

I'm part of a LARP that's been around for about 5 years with about 5 games a year, so we're still pretty new. All of our weapons have been handmade; but I'm curious about some of the nicer looking stuff you can buy online.

Specifically we're introducing mining this year; and I'm looking to buy some rather inexpensive pickax props that could be used as weapons as well.

I found polyurethane foam "LARP" pickaxes for about $11.

But we are bringing in new people every game and we like to make sure that the foam is on the softer side, so that we don't have to worry as much about people checking their blows.

So, what is polyurethane foam like? In pictures it's seemed pretty flexible, but i don't know how reliable that is. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this injection molded stuff. Someone brought a latex weapon that was way too firm and wasn't allowed.

Pls halp meh.

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I would not remotely trust an $11 weapon to pass safety for any sensible LARP system, and/or be durable enough to stand up to more than one half to one and a half events. I've seen a lot of cheap stuff online advertised as "LARP Weapons" that are in actuality meant to be sold at a costume shop for fancy dress.

The "floor" for the sorts of latex/foam weapons you'd actually want to own/use/be hit with is probably $50-$60, anything less I'd expect it to be some combination of unsafe and or fit for the rubbish. Calimacil, Epic Armory, Windlass, and Forgotten Dreams all make decent stuff. And I'm going to plug Calimacil as someplace where the Samuel Vimes "Boot Theory" is in full force: They cost 1.5-2X as much as the latex weapons; but their proprietary foam lasts forever under heavy, punishing use without maintenance. The foam is a little harder so they may not pass all systems, but the group I roll with is "medium contact" and is fine with them.

Good luck and happy rubber sword thwacking!
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