IC Ponyhammer 40k: Acoltytes of the Inquisition


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The genestealer doesn't stand a chance against the massive gout of purifying flame exhaled by Radiant Torch's heavy flamer, seeming to all like the breath of a mighty dragon as it consumes the Paranid organism whole. The genetic monstrosity screams as it burns alive in terrible agony, unable to adapt to the fire, until it finally collapses. But the mare wielding the weapon takes no chances, and burns the genestealer until it is nothing but ashes upon a charred stone floor.

With its death, the cultists are freed from the biological and mental control the creature exerted over them, and they begin to mill around in a questioning manner. For now however, a quick vox to the Inquisitor obtains some backup support, and both acoltytes and former cultists are transported back to Nova Station high above in orbit.

At last, you are all brought before Inquisitor Zephyr Twilight, who looks upon you favorably. "Well done my acoltytes," he declares, "you have abolished the threat to Eden Prime, and now those ponies may live free and unharmed by outside threats, just as the God-Empress Celestia intended. You show great promise, and indeed more difficult -- but more satisfying and rewarding -- missions lie ahead. I am proud of you. And do not worry for the cultists, once they have been checked and rehabilitated from their ordeal they shall be returned to their homes."

As you all are dismissed, ready to return to your quarters for a nice long vacation, you all stop to peer out one of the station's windows. Eden Prime spins below, unknowing and uncaring of what was done in its depths, to save its people. No one will sing songs and tell stories of your struggles and deeds here.

But that's alright. To serve the Empress is enough. And in Her name, you will continue to protect the Imperium that She so loves, and see to the safety of everypony, no matter who. It will be a long, difficult journey, but in the end you will be beloved for your efforts. And in these troubling times, that is all you can really ask.

Praise the Empress.

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