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Post-Apoc one-page or super-rules-lite rpgs

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So, I'm my never-ending quest for radioactive goodness, I'm sure I've missed a few gems out there.

I'm familiar with things such as MBAW, BHAW, d02MicroLite, Mutants and Machineguns, Apocalypse World, Searchers of the Unknown's post-apoc, the various Savage Worlds post-apoc fan- and third-party games. But have I missed anything?!? :confused:

For example, I'm really charmed by Lasers & Feelings ... is there a post-apoc version of that?

Something really rules light, but one that has some narrative hooks to hang a character or monster concept upon? I'm looking for something fairly conventional in mechanics, so no Apocalypse World sort of stuff. Super rules-lite but has a wide variety of character hooks, traits, or the ability to come up with traits based on GM-Player conversations.


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Other Dust - more or less old school D&D rules, with a more Traveller-like skill system. You could probably summarize the core mechanics in one page or less. Most of the book is setting info, tools to random sandbox setting generation, adventure seeds, etc.
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Barbarians of the Aftermath is what you want! It uses the rules found in Barbarians of the Lemuria which is a lite sword and sorcery type game. There is a free version of the original Barbarians of Lemuria floating around the web that will give you an idea of what to expact.

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Thank you all for the great suggestions. I have Atomic Highway. I need to look at Other Dust (I assume from the name its nanotech, IIRC).


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Retrocalypse, linked in my signature, might fit the bill. It's Old School Hack re-purposed to the Fallout setting. Not as uber-lite as you might be looking for but a nice blend of new school and trad in a tight package. There is also World of Mutants. It is technically an Apocalypse World hack by way of World of Dungeons but it is super lite and on the fuzzy edge of traditional. And of course Risus, the grand-dad of lite games, can be used for any genre. There's Sleepwalkers for some Mythos post-apocalypse, and if you scroll down this page at the Risusiverse you will find some more implementations.


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The Deep 7 1 PG RPG line does not have a specific post apoc setting but starting with Disaster! would get you most of the way there. The 1pg RPGs are super light and you can combine extra settings to get the post apoc you want.

For example, Six Gun would work for the wasteland (old west ) feel.


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definitely going to be checking these out myself. I have an idea for a really basic day-to-day post apoc survival campaign (think The Road). If you're planning on a one shot I used these rules for a two-session horror game about a month ago.

You have 30 stat points, there are no skills. The average is 5 points each. The stats are:
Strength (melee and shooting)
Intelligence (pretty self explanatory)
Perception (seeing and 'knowing a guy')
Agility (movement)
Constitution (health points basically)
Willpower (luck, and sanity if a horror game)

In addition, you have 6 item points. costs are up to the GM. Clothing is free, as long as its something within reason. Again, think of what the average joe outside at around *insert time* would wear (even if its just to take the trash out).

for reference on the item points, a laptop or cell phone is 3 points, as is a handgun. a vehicle is 4, and a flashlight, large pizza, or coil of rope are all 1 point each.
Here are some things my players got (setting was Anytown USA circa 2004-ish):
Flip phone - 3 points
Generic Wallet with cards - 1 point
$50 in cash - 1 point
extra large Backpack - 1 point
motorcycle gear w/ helmet - 1 point
Motorscooter w/full tank of gas - 3 point

------------ (GM notes) --------------
combat is 1d10+stat
melee weapons do 1 point of damage
pistols do 2 points of damage
Rifles do 4 points of damage
Shotguns do 6 points of damage (3 if out of range)
explosives do 12 points of damage (are of effect is up to the GM and explosive used)

Human enemies generally have about 5 points of constitution (my game was zombies, which had 6 each) Animals have 4 (I used dogs a lot), "things" have whatever you want them to have (I stuck to about 10-15 for the big guys, and never went above that except for the BBEG, which had 30)

Initiative is 1d10+agility, highest goes first. Combat is 1d10+strength, you only need to roll to hit. Rolling a one is an automatic fail. Though you can burn a willpower point (refills after each session) to turn it into your base stat+1 (ie, roll a 1+5 = 6. would be an automatic fail, but I used a willpower point, so now its considered that I just got a flat six, no fumble. I still only rolled a six though, so unless the difficulty rating was 5, then I failed, just not a "you shoot yourself in the foot" kind of failed.)
Rolling a natural 10 however compounds, so keep rolling that 1d10 until you stop getting crits. (1d10+stat = 10+5, rolled again and got a 4 = 10+5+4 = 19!)

Difficulty ratings are
5 = childs play
10= easy
15= tough
20= expert
25= divine intervention (impossible without rolling a natural 10)

healing happens at an automatic 1/2 point of Constitution per day.
I cant remember anything else. but if its missing something, go ahead and toss it in yourself. The system is simple enough that you really cant go wrong with any additions.

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So, I'm my never-ending quest for radioactive goodness, I'm sure I've missed a few gems out there.

I'm familiar with things such as MBAW, BHAW,
For the record (not that anyone asked):

BHAW = Bounty Hunters of the Atomic Wastelands
MBAW = Mutant Bikers of the Atomic Wastelands

I just felt I should spell this out because while I'd love to think these games have a sufficiently large following they can readily identified just by their acronym, but I doubt that is the case.

More to the point, would Omega World count as rules light? It's technically a "micro game" despite the fact that it requires D&D 3.0 Player Handbook. Never got round to play it but I thought it was really well done, potentially the best edition of Gamma World of the lot.
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