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Post Apocalypse Artifacts: The Sword of the Eighties


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I’m now wondering about other decade’s blades. Like, the Nintiesblade is a katana, and one line of the description ends in “because it knows kung fu”. Maybe there’s our player characters/Jedi of the setting- each weilder a Decade of The Century out to turn back time to the days before the catastrophe.
The Seventiesblade is a machete which sometimes catches the glitz of disco and sometimes faintly glows green in the dark as you speed down the atomic highway and across the blasted desert, fending off zombies, mutant killers and cocaine gangs.

And their enemies wonder who is the man who would risk his neck for his brother, the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about when they should be only asking themselves one question: "Do I feel lucky?" So... do you feel lucky, punk?

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Some setting ideas, but I don’t really love anything except the bit about the King of Las Vegas and the Fiftiesblade, and I think maybe it’s a bit too close to Six-String Samurai.
On a stormy night, at 12:59:59 December 31st, 1999, Norman and Emmett Lloyd were born. The last children of the twentieth century. The siblings grew to revolutionize twenty-first Century super-science, but Norman Lloyd went bad. He planted a virus in the world’s machines, instantly transforming them into his own personal army. He declared himself King of the World. The world fought back, and a lot of bad stuff happened. Things got real weird. By the end of it, there wasn’t much of a world worth being king of. Now Norman Lloyd (Noid, as people call him when they’re sure nobody’s listening) rules in the North American wasteland as Duke of New York, kept alive by his weird science, but only one of several petty overlords in the ruins.

Unable to stand seeing the horror his mind unwittingly helped unleash, Dr. Emmett Lloyd spent the last years of his life in hiding, building ten last gifts to the world. Ten blades of totally awesome might, each modeled on a decade from the twentieth century, the last free century, as his fevered mind saw it. He hid them across the danger zone, where they wait for worthy bearers to find them and teach the world how to rock again.

That was hundreds of years ago, and so far, only one blade has been found, or so the rumors say. Two centuries ago, the man who would become King of Las Vegas supposedly found the Fiftiesblade and used it to topple the Ayatollah of Rocknrolla and free Vegas. His people say he rules still, but the other Overlords say he does not have the blade. And yet, it seems barely a year goes by without the singers spinning a new tale of a man, identical to the King, riding the wastes in a long pink automobile, doing good deeds, singing songs, and bearing a mysterious knife with a blade that appears at the press of a button. [I’m now thinking the Fiftiesblade should be a switchblade.]


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70s Blade should probably be a beat-up red chainsaw. Or maybe that’s a rival weapon. 90s is totally a katana with a knock of ivory dragon head handle and an ankh worked into the grip.


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The Blade of the 1910s is a worn, rusty thing, covered in dents and discolouration. It looks like it spent a long time buried in mud, toxic chemicals, and rotting flesh. It can never cut cleanly; if someone dies to this blade, it's a terrible lingering death of sepsis and gangrene.

The Blade of the 20s is a fancy, glittering rapier, over-decorated for a decadent age, for the last great party before the fall. It looks like it was intended to be worn to a ball as part of a formal uniform, rather than into combat. There are those who say it looks as though it was designed for a woman, though they don't always mean that disparagingly.

The Blade of the 30s is a dark, brutal weapon. There is nothing gentle or elegant about it; of all the Blades, this is the one that is most obviously made purely for killing and no other purpose. One look at it and you know it was made for sweeping the old order violently aside, in favour of one where people who carry weapons like this are more at home. There is a decoration on the hilt that, if you look at it from the right angle, might be said to resemble a crooked, bent cross.

The Blade of the 40s is a surprisingly heavy weapon made of some unknown, unheard-of metal that glows softly in the dark. There are special gloves for those who wield it. Those who are foolish or ignorant enough to hold it in their bare hand die slowly and painfully to its curse. Even those who know how to wield it are reluctant to do so, for legend says that it has only been unsheathed in anger twice in all history, and that if it is ever drawn a third time, the world will end.

(I think all the blades for the second half of the century have already been mentioned, and I couldn't think of a good theme for the first blade of the 1900s.)


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These blades sound... interesting. This setting is very cool too.

I like the idea of a good and bad blade for each decade.

Like... the 80's blade should be rethought a touch to include only the "good" part of the 80's, while the Dark 80's blade will be a cocaine rage fueled, greed, is good... terminator *wink* of a weapon.


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As someone who grew up with 80s movies I don't think I'd need a blade for each decade. Off of the top of my head I can think of 4 that would work from that decade alone.

The lightsaber this post started with.
A highlander Katana.
A chainsaw hand/glove.
And this bad boy:



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Like... the 80's blade should be rethought a touch to include only the "good" part of the 80's, while the Dark 80's blade will be a cocaine rage fueled, greed, is good... terminator *wink* of a weapon.
...which, of course you can combine together, possibly to gain control of a castle.

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