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Post Apocalypse Artifacts: The Sword of the Eighties

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(I think all the blades for the second half of the century have already been mentioned, and I couldn't think of a good theme for the first blade of the 1900s.)
A tarnished cavalry sabre, the Oughtsblade seems old fashioned and out of its time. Its weilder can summon a spectral silver horse. (Love the fourtiesblade.)

With all the different ideas, I’m thinking the blades change based on the weilder’s knowledge of the decade in question. Setting wise, let’s say I don’t know, because... quantum... but from a mechanics standpoint, this lets players tailor their characters instead of being locked into a role based on the blade, and let’s other players take up fallen swords without having to play the same character as whoever had it before.
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Regarding 80s-Man, one of the Princes of the Universe needs to be a cross between Mr. T and Panthro, armed with sledge hammer nunchucks. (And I now want to know why this isn't the signature weapon for dwarven monks in D&D?)

Also Hack-or, the supergenius dressed like one of Devo, who when powered up looks like Devo in the world of TRON.

Togther with the token female member (who knows martial arts, is psychic, uses a crossbow, and has matching pink hair and new wave war paint) and one other, the five combine their signature transforming vehicles into a single giant super warrior of 80s awesomeness. With the 80s sword growing to giant size for it to use.

Meanwhile, I think it goes without saying that 90s-Man has Crow face paint. And a trenchcoat.
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