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Primary Sources links


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Kester Pelagius

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Bartleby.com (searchable classics and reference works)

LETRS: Indiana University Online Resources (particularly handy resources on Victoriana, women writers, and poetry)

Greenseek: Iranian Literature (Links to classic texts including translations of Rumi, Saadi, and Omar Khayyam)

Novalis: Hymns to the Night (English translation)

The Golden Key: George MacDonald E-Texts

University of Virginia Library -- Electronic Text Center (includes versions formatted for reading on PalmOS PDAs and handhelds using Microsoft Reader software)

Kester Pelagius

Muffit! Muffit!

It strikes me, now that I have looked through my bookmarks, that I have an awful lot of sites for Tarot cards. Does anyone want me to post any of those links?

Also here's a good freeware program called the Online Bible. Lot's of texts downloadable as plug-ins.
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