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PS4 space game/SF recommendations?

Adam Reynolds

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Are there any good PS4 space games that anyone can recommend? I'm not really sure there are that many good ones in general.

Also, apart from Horizon Zero Dawn, are there any current generation games that have storytelling/worldbuilding on the same level as Mass Effect?

For a final question, is KSP worth buying on a console if my current computer can't run it? I've heard its not nearly as good, if nothing else because you can't use mods, but it is still probably better than nothing. From what I have heard, enhanced edition makes it more or less workable, if still not nearly as good as on PCs.


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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock is quite fun if you like space strategy games and/or BSG. The shear joy of being able to pit multiple Battlestars against an armada of Cylon ships is something I’ve not gotten tired of yet.


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do you mean games set in space, or just games revolving around flying spaceships, cause I'd have more things to recommend on the former


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While I can't give you spaceships, I can honestly recommend both DOOM(2016) and Nier:Automata as great scifi games of the modern era.


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Elite: Dangerous for all your 'Expanse' related hard sci fi needs. No Man's Sky for a more chilled 1970' sci fi novel cover experience. Stellaris is out for the PS4 for a sweeping epic of 'Foundation type strategy but I've not played that one so can't really comment on it.'


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Dreadnought is an interesting game insofar as the vehicles are very obviously SF starships, but it all takes place in atmosphere so there's terrain. It's a free-to-play PVP game, so there's no lore to speak of, but it's pretty fun.


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I'd take reccomendations on either, though my focus is sort of on the latter.
Elite: Dangerous is a realistic space sim where you do a lot of spaceship flying in a fairly accurate version of our galaxy. You can land on airless worlds and do some exploration in a buggy, but most of the game seems centered on flight between space stations and planetary space bases. Mostly just humans running around, too. There are a bunch of political factions, but I've mostly ignored that aspect of the game, so I don't know if it's particularly deep. You can do combat stuff, or stay away from it and be a space trucker, or leave Known Space behind entirely and head out to explore the lonely, distant reaches of the galaxy.

No Man's Sky is more focused on planetary exploration of proceedurally generated worlds, which usually (but not always) have various forms of plant and animal life and weather and so forth. There are three main alien races you bump into as well, and gradually picking up their language and histories as you play is also part of the exploration. There is still some spaceship flying from world to world to space station, and you can get a big freighter and fleet to command as well if you want, but it's mostly a game about running around planets.

Stellaris is a 4X strategy game along the lines of Civilization or Master of Orion, so you don't really fly spaceships although you do get to design them a little.
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