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🎨 Creative Punk Rock Campaign Ideas?

Troy Swain

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In my recent campaign, I just say any HP under half-Constitution is stress, which allows me to have NPCs attack PCs with words, and vice versa. 5e makes that really easy to do. It also means no one can ever die through words, but they can get stressed out. And it adds a new spin to fighting anyone who can talk to you. It also replicates the way fictional fights happen, where the villain always tries to convince the hero about something. And it works well for a punk game.

Cosmic Hobo

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If you're looking at other systems, then the game you should be looking at is Misspent Youth, which is written specifically about youthful punk rebellion against a corrupt authority. If you use that game, it will help clarify what sorts of opposition the PC punks would be facing, because the procedures of the game help build all of that for you...
Can’t believe I hadn’t seen that before. Thanks for the heads up. The author certainly has the DIY zine look down.


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If all else fails, you can have the band travel from place to place solving mysteries...
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