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Questions to ask about a Starship crew

Robert A. Rodger

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So, been thinking about running a Star Trek-ish game, and was considering ways to flesh out the other 400 some cremembers of a ship who aren't the command staff PCs. One thing that came to mind was giving the players a bunch of questions to ask like:

Who's the ship screw-up? What's the problem there and why is he or she still on board?
Who's the "Go to guy" in your department? What do they do that makes them notable? Who's "the guy" for the ship as a whole?
Who is everyone's friend?
Who has seen it all?

What other questions could be asked?


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What strange pet is the helmsman keeping hidden in his cupboard?

What is in the classified part of the captains' service record?

Where do the engineers keep their still? (Enterprise NCC-1701 had one) How lethal is the hooch produced? Do they use it for degreasing engine components?

What keeps going wrong with the port impulse engine?

Why is the security guard death rate near-zero?

What happened when the crew met that alien symbiote? Why does the science officer know so much more than he used to?


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Who do I talk to if I want a bottle of illegal Traxian Port, or bag of Brummand's Blue Herb?


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If the crew is co-ed, who's the biggest flirt?

Who's the biggest perv? (not necessarily the same as above)

Who's the "walking freezer unit?"

Who's the "Major Burns?"

Who's the "Hoolihan?"

Who's the ship's practical joker?

Who's the one who always tells the same stories?


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What's the night crew like?


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Who do you pick for a combat boarding party?

Who would you want on your side in a bar fight?

Why are they not the same people?


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Who is the 'Chief Petty Officer Horace Harkness'* and how many times has he been busted and made it back to Chief? (I think 13 was the lucky number.)

*Mixing my Sci-Fi I guess.... ** No, not Fallout...


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For a more generic spread, why not ask each player to name 3 allies, 3 rivals, and 3 people they owe something to? One out of each of the category may be someone off the shop, in a starbase, another ship, or a planet.
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