Quick and Easy Fix's for DnD and Rp


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I'm doing something a little bit like what you proposed for my new D&D game. I am using a modified form of Action Points, but the only way you get them is by playing to one of your "aspects" - a simple trait like "Disgraced Knight" or "I can drink you under the table". But wait, there's more... your fellow players have to give them to you (out of a common pool), not me. So the whole table gets engaged with everybody else's aspects, because they want to be more effective.

I don't know for sure how it will work, but the principle seems sound.

Brad J. Murray

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I love XP, but I suggest awarding it for the kind of play you want to encourage - if you want dramatic soliloquies, award XP. If you want in-character roleplay, award XP. Award XP for actions in accordance with a PC's goals and character. If you want less monster killing, award less XP for it.
I enthusiastically disagree. I think that if role-playing is your goal then you should utterly disconnect the players from anything that rewards them figuring how to get more XP out of you. Rewards for role-playing should be role-playing related if they need to exist at all rather than make the character better at fighting.
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