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Quotes From Fanfiction


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This is a thread where you pull what you think is a good quote from a fanfic.

This one is from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic by Dogbertcarroll.

"The demon grinned evilly. He was a natural at it and it showed."


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From the excellent The Dragon King's Temple:

Toph's grin had officially reached Epic proportions. "Isn't it obvious?" she asked archly, and punched Zuko in the arm. "Zuko finally coughed up my Life-Changing Field Trip!"

A moment of silence.

"Ooooh...." the four newcomers said in unison.

If I may toot my own horn a little, I've always been fond of "And then the deck leapt up and punched him in the face."
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Fargo's probably one of the best fics I've read as far as... okay, as far as a lot of things go. The plot builds perfectly, the characters from the original series are in character, the OCs are all compelling and diverse, the writing is tight, and the narration shifts for every character's prospective in a way I'm absolutely in love with. You don't just get to see characters by their words and actions. You see them by how they see the world. Tired, bitter protagonist Sloane has very different third person narration than the questionably sane Delaney whose bits read pretty different from the cold and calculating Clair Ibsen.

It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea, mind. It's a bleak thing to begin with, with bad situations playing off messed up people even before it starts throwing in outright monstrous behavior, and although I don't agree with the allegations of racism I saw aimed at it, I can at least see where they came from. Plus, you know, plenty of OCs. Even if they're good, not everyone likes that.

All that said, let's take a look at the first quote that came to mind.

She tightened her grip on the steering wheel. So Sloan had spurned her advance in the motel room. Come on, that's totally fair. Totally! You're kind of Grade A Batshit, remember? But Sloan's vulnerable state had led you to believe you had a chance. That's exactly the point! You completely misread the situation. You thought death = emotion, emotion = vulnerability, vulnerability = need for comfort, need for comfort = sex. A simple formula that probably works in a variety of easily replicable contexts, but Delaney had underestimated just a wee bit the DEATH part of the equation, the fact that someone had DIED and that was not normally the best omen to hang over a rite of fertility? So ultimately all you did was reveal your insanity and ruin any chance you had, any at all! Fuck you, Delaney! Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck YOU!

(Spoilers: Delaney is not the most stable.)
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First from "Vendetta", a Batman/V For Vendetta/Equilibrium crossover/Mutants & masterminds 2nd Ed playtest
[HR][/HR]"I don't help murderers."

"Ha!" V retorted, "Every man I have killed would have done the same to me, would you call that murder?"

Batman frowned, "You created the situation. Your choices led to the deaths of sixteen police officers and Dr. Byron Patterson!"

V stalked back away from Batman, "Dr. Patterson was a monster."

Batman stepped forward, "No-one comes into my city and starts killing. No-one, no matter what their excuse."

"And what, my Dark Knight, makes you so right, and me so wrong?"

"Because men in masks should hold themselves to a higher ideal." [HR][/HR]

next, from the otherwise execrable Evangelion rapefic "To Make an Angel Fall", how the fic's first consensual sex scene starts[HR][/HR]Asuka finally spoke.

"Okay. Here's how I see it. I had nearly fallen out of the vent. I was scared, and I suppose you might have been a bit scared too."

"I was," nodded Rei.

"Thanks. We were scared, adredaline was pumping, our bodies were thinking for us..."

Rei took over. "We didn't have any clothes on, we were crammed together like that, there wasn't much light..."

"So it wasn't about if we were seeing a boy or a girl but if we could touch another naked person..." She was running out of excuses.

"And we were breathing heavily, rubbing up against each other..." Rei elaborated.

"Erogenous zones were stimulated, nipples touching and stuff..." continued Asuka desperately.

"Genetic memory of caves and clan members clustering together for warmth..."

"And being teenagers, with hormones having unpredictable effects on our developing bodies..."

"Not to mention stress from piloting and schoolwork..."

"And what happened, happened," finished Asuka. "It was inevitable. In the end I'm surprised we only orgasmed. Anyone else in our situation would have screwed each other silly."

"Yes," agreed Rei. If you put it like that, it wasn't so bad. "We excercised enormous self control, when you get down to it."

"Yes. In fact, it proves we're not lesbians," Asuka added.

"It does at that."

"Definite, uncontrovertable proof that even an idiot could understand."


"Straight as arrows."


"Wanna try it now?"

"Yes please!" Rei moaned. [HR][/HR]

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I've been reading a metric ton of Miraculous fanfiction. Some of it is rather... sinful.

From Too Real by PearLynn.

She really wasn't mad. At least, that's what she was telling herself. Why should she be upset that Chat Noir, who she had shared an intimate moment with a couple of nights ago, shared another intimate moment with her civilian self just a few nights after? What was she supposed to do? She couldn't act like it was a big deal and she was devastated, because that would just make Chat feel worse. But she couldn't just brush it off like it was nothing, because that was suspicious. And she obviously couldn't just say, "Yeah I know because I'm the girl who's pussy you licked on her balcony."
From The Ladybugs and the Bees by BullySquadess

[ can you be at notre dame in 2 hours? ]

[ not unless you give me a good reason ]

[ am I not reason enough? ;) ]

[ is this just an excuse to sodomize me on top of a church? ]

[ absolutely not! I was planing on giving you ur birthday gift! ]

[ …and then sodomizing you on top of a church, yes ]
And also this bit from the same story:

Adrien plugged his phone in with a click, flopping down onto the bed with a drawn-out groan. Today’s photoshoot had been brutally long, and if he had to keep his spine straight for another minute, he might have just snapped in half. The teen stretched himself out, shoulders digging into the mattress as his joints popped pleasantly under the strain. Pale light flooded the large room, casting a dim, evening glow on his prone form. The atmosphere was quiet, creating the perfect backdrop for getting some light reading done, or perhaps just lulling right off to sleep…

‘Well,’ Adrien thought, unbuckling his jeans in a practiced fashion, ‘time to masturbate.’

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From The Garfield Story, a Garfield/ Christmas Story crossover fiction.

It was Christmas Eve and Ralphie was looking to max and relax.

"Boy, I just cannot wait for Christmas, it is the best time of year. Soon I will have the Red Ryder BB Gun and wealth, glory and women will be mine for the taking." Thought Ralphie to himself.
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From "Beyond the Outer Gates Lies...", a Dresden Files / HighSchool DxD crossover by Gabriel Blessing:

"Die, magician!" one of the priests shouted, coming at me. Lightsabers seemed pretty much the weapon of choice here, and I felt a ridiculous urge to tell them there lack of faith disturbs me.

Then I realized I was casting myself as Darth Vader and sighed.

At least you finally know the power of the darkside, Lash reassured me, and I decided that being able to squeeze a Star Wars quote out of her made the whole being on the wrong side of the force worth it.
From "Shinji and the Doctor" by machiavelli, in which a dimensional rift drops TenDoc into Tokyo-3, just in time for You Know What.

The Geofront. Outside NERV Headquarters.

The Doctor and Shinji walked through the large grassy field that they'd been politely - if quite firmly - escorted to by a number of men in dark suits. They found Shinji's father there, flanked by Vice-Commander Fuyutski and Rei, waiting for them in front of a jumpjet on a helipad.

"NERV thanks you for your assistance with this matter, Doctor," Father said. Was it just Shinji, or did he seem kind of... cheerful? "If you enter this base again without my express permission, I do believe I shall have you shot."

The Doctor raised an eyebrow. "And you really think that'd be enough to stop me?"

"I'd be disappointed if it did. I believe you know the way out."

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More Garfield! This one from Zero Dark Garfield.

Fool. There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes, and my fist, now you will be experiencing two of these." Garfield said with exploding righteousness as he thrust fist into Osama Bin Laden's abdomen, impaling him on arm. Garfield then raised fist into air with impaled Osama Bin Laden raised to the sky, evil blood dripping from knuckles and down muscular arm like river of red molten lasagna.
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