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Qwixalted for Exalted 3e

Thomas Ufnal Crowlake

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I was recently thinking what kind of updates would Qwixalted need in the wake of Exalted 3ed. Not to mirror the changes in mechanics, necessarily - using the new philosophy of combat would probably need a major rewrite - but to reflect the changes in the setting and fiction. There are some things in Qwixalted that seem to gel even better with how 3e portrays things (such as the firm idea that charms are not dictinct spells/techniques), but to run a 3e-style Qwixalted game we would probably need at least:
  • Rules for the new kinds of Exalted and Exigents
  • A way to use Evocations (as they not only change how Artifacts work in-setting, but also are cool :D)
  • In case of Jarvis' Qwixalted, change to the Perfect charms (as perfect defences etc. are no longer a thing)
  • I am unsure whether Qwixalted sorcery can really do Sorcerous Workings
Are there any other obvious things I am missing? Did anybody try to convert this new stuff to Qwixalted?
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