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[R. Talsorian] Events at GenCon, including Castle Falkenstein, Cyberpunk, Mekton, and Witcher

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R. Talsorian will be at GenCon this year (booth 1752) and is sponsoring a number of events there. As Falkenstein Ambassador, my purview is specifically Castle Falkenstein-related events. The tabletop sessions are already full but the following events are still open!

  • Paris in the Spring VII is the seventh Castle Falkenstein LARP run by David Robbins at GenCon! No previous experience is required. It is event LRP18129637. Friday 1pm to 5pm. Note, this is run by Twin City Gamers and isn't an official R. Talsorian event but still amazing.
  • What's Coming Up For Castle Falkenstein is a seminar about the future of the game. It will discuss the work done by Fat Goblin Games to revive Castle Falkenstein, the upcoming 25th Anniversary Edition of Castle Falkenstein, and new translations being done in France and Brazil. Event SEM18133253. Friday 5pm to 6pm.

Other R. Talsorian Events which are open, by game system, in alphabetical order.

Cyberpunk 2020/Red

  • Everything Cyberpunk, the seminar about all things Cyberpunk (including both the tabletop game and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game) is full. No surprise considering the excitement of the trailer at E3. I'm including this here because I'm guessing people might want to put it on their wish-list. Event SEM18133254. Saturday 6pm-7pm.

Note: All the below tabletop sessions will be previewing the upcoming Cyberpunk Red edition of the game.


(All tabletop game sessions are currently full.)

  • The Official Mekton Seminar from RTG will discuss the future of the game in the wake of the recent Kickstarter refund announcement. Thursday 5pm to 6pm. Event SEM18133251.

Witcher Tabletop RPG

(All tabletop games sessions are currently full.)

This game should be on sale at GenCon.

  • Witcher Q&A will feature the game's creators discussing the game, its mechanics and setting, and its future. Friday 4pm to 5pm. Event SEM18133252.

I'm happy to answer any questions I can if folks have them.
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