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Radiance RPG Adventure now available!


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I see the sample characters include a Fighter, Artificer, Bard, Rogue, Cleric, and Gunslinger. The characters are great, but I confess my first impulse if designing a Radiance-focused supplement would be to go all-in on the non-traditional Dungeons and Dragons classes. I haven't read the adventure thoroughly, maybe these classes aren't a good fit to the adventure, but maybe I would have gone Artificer, Gallant, Gunslinger, Invoker, Medicant, Shifter - something to show off Radiance's variety.

That said, themes, divine boons, and Electrotech add plenty of variety on their own. And the Radiance Fighter, Bard, and Rogue have some nice flavor differences with the traditional DnD classes of the same name.
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